March, 2018


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Game Over, Man! is an action comedy movie from the crew who brought you Workaholics.

Disclaimer: I am not the target audience for this particular movie.

The Workaholics crew team up in this big-screen adventure, paying homage to Die Hard and other such action movies.

Entering into this film, it was easy to see that I was not the target audience for this movie. The humour is crass, and there is no spark of wit to be seen in this production.

Taking the film as it is, however, this film manages to appeal to its target audience by providing laughs for an audience who wants to leave their brains at the door when they turn on Netflix.

Anders Holm delivers a script that manages to serve its purpose. He peppers in a litany of gutter-based humour, with more jokes missing as opposed to hitting their mark. It almost feels as if any spark of interest was missing whilst Holm was working on the screenplay.

Adam Devine as Alexxx (L), Anders Holm as Darren (M) and Blake Anderson as Joel (R).
Courtesy of Netflix
Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson reform as a comedy team to attempt to bring back the magic from their Workaholics days. Unfortunately, they are unable to match wits in the same way.

It felt as if the entire cast of this movie was just going through the motions as they trudge their way through the script.

This film is so filled with cameos from celebrities, it feels as if the team behind this movie didn’t care about the film, but rather who they could get to work on their project. The cameos were all superfluous to the story and a waste of use for the cameoing talent.

“The cameos were all superfluous to the story and a waste of use for the cameoing talent.”
Neal McDonough and Rhona Mitra were pleasant surprises in this film, hamming up their scenes to a level where they were almost enjoyable to watch. Unfortunately, they were the only highlights.

In terms of direction, this film is standard in its direction. There were no feats of creative genius, no inspired shots used with the camera. The choice to focus on violence was interesting, but it seemed like a distraction from an uneventful movie as opposed to a creative risk

Game Over, Man! is an uninspired movie that seems like it required no effort from the cast and crew to bring anything new to the action-comedy genre. However, it does appeal to its target audience, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Number of times I looked at my watch: Four.

Recommendation: This film is ideal to watch if you want to leave your brain at the door and get drunk (or high, probably high).